I started training at Spectrum because I was frustrated with being in and out of PT for constant neck, back and knee pain. Andrew tailored the workouts to my needs and goals, showing me a variety of routines that I can easily do at home. I learned that getting fit really isn't that hard and … Continue reading Marcy M, current client


Marcy M, current client

Andrew has been my trainer at Spectrum Fitness for over a year. He is professional, patient, great at his job and a pleasure to work with!

Heidi F, current client

Andrew has worked one-on-one with me as my trainer for over a year. He has been key to my recovery from more than 10 years of chronic back pain. When I started working with Andrew, I had reached a point where the back pain could no longer be ignored. I was unable to stand straight. … Continue reading Laura M, current client

Laura M, current client

Andrew has been training me for 2 years at Fitness Together. As an 18-year client of Fitness Together, I have had the opportunity to work out with many trainers. Andrew has been the best. His ability to adapt my training routine to my lifestyle and current dieting has been exceptional. As a 50-year old I … Continue reading Eryck B, former client

Eryck B, former client

As a studio owner of 20 years, I can say without hesitation that it is rare to come across standout talent like Andrew's. His thirst for knowledge and ability to apply what he's learned makes him not only a pleasure to work with but also allows him to provide comprehensive, results-oriented programs for his clients. … Continue reading Lisa Swanson, Owner of Body & Soul Coaching

Lisa Swanson, Owner of Body & Soul Coaching