I started training at Spectrum because I was frustrated with being in and out of PT for constant neck, back and knee pain. Andrew tailored the workouts to my needs and goals, showing me a variety of routines that I can easily do at home. I learned that getting fit really isn’t that hard and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I feel great and am stronger and leaner than I have been in a long time. More importantly I no longer have pain. Working with Andrew has been fantastic and I so appreciate his encouragement along the way. What I love most is that I’ve easily been able to incorporate the fitness and nutrition knowledge into my daily life.

I could never have done it on my own! Thank you, Andrew!

Marcy M, current client

Andrew has been training me for 2 years at Fitness Together. As an 18-year client of Fitness Together, I have had the opportunity to work out with many trainers. Andrew has been the best. His ability to adapt my training routine to my lifestyle and current dieting has been exceptional. As a 50-year old I have more energy and core strength than ever. The core strength training with Andrew has helped me maintain a very physical lifestyle (running, hiking, roller skating, weight-lifting and pickle-ball). The adaptation of my routine has also been instrumental in helping me lose 45 pounds in the last year. I look forward to continuing my training with Andrew and recommend him to anyone looking to create a strong core and increase enjoyment in all their physical lifestyle endeavors.

Eryck B, former client

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