Andrew has worked one-on-one with me as my trainer for over a year. He has been key to my recovery from more than 10 years of chronic back pain. When I started working with Andrew, I had reached a point where the back pain could no longer be ignored. I was unable to stand straight. I was unable to walk more than a very short distance without terrible pain, sitting triggered terrible back spasms. I was a hot mess.

He tailored a program that worked the parts of my body that weren’t in pain and kept me strong. He found ways to strengthen those muscles that were weak because of my condition and he was willing to change up his plan in an instant in response to my physical condition for that day.

After the first 5 months of working with Andrew, I was in much less pain. I was able to walk and stand without pain. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. I look and feel terrific. Now our workouts focus on my getting stronger and getting me back to competing in triathlons.

Andrew never gave up on me. He is always encouraging. He has a way of making me feel comfortable about trying new activities. He is very focused and attentive. He checks in to make sure I’m feeling OK and not in pain because I still have days when I need to be careful. He is by far the best personal trainer that I have ever worked with.

Laura M, current client

As a studio owner of 20 years, I can say without hesitation that it is rare to come across standout talent like Andrew’s. His thirst for knowledge and ability to apply what he’s learned makes him not only a pleasure to work with but also allows him to provide comprehensive, results-oriented programs for his clients. Andrew’s presence in the training room is that of compassionate leader and coach; he’s relaxed and builds a great rapport with his clientele but stays in charge and to the point. He puts together solid programs that take into account not only his clients goals, but a clear vision of the training progressions, a skill that often takes months – if not years- to develop. One quality that I always look for in trainers but isn’t easily found is adaptability. Andrew is able to think on his feet and make adjustments to his planned workouts based on his clients’ needs on any given day. His client retention rate was outstanding, and his schedule filled rapidly.

During the time I worked with him, Andrew has earned my highest respect. He is always eager to learn, asking questions and researching the answers. He’s also a team player who takes initiative, proving himself an asset to any team and would make an effective team leader.

Lisa Swanson, Owner of Body & Soul Coaching

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