Hello World.

Allow me to reintroduce myself (my only Jay-Z reference, I promise).

My name is Andrew Rainville. I’m a young fitness professional working for Spectrum Fitness Consulting, located in Beverly, MA, about 20 minutes north of Boston. Sports, fitness and overall health and wellness has been my passion my entire life.

It’s how the old saying goes: if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I’ve always wholeheartedly believed in that. So it was only fitting that shortly after graduating Salem State University in 2013, I decided to pursue my passion in helping others achieve their own health and fitness goals and started working in the fitness field. I have been a strength and nutrition coach for nearly 3 years now.

The lessons I’ve learned along the way have been invaluable. My coworkers? Amazing. The clients I’ve had the privilege of working with along the way? Unforgettable.

With that being said, I’ve decided to take the next step into blogging because I’m both frustrated and encouraged.

I’m frustrated because the more I learn, the more I realize just how much misinformation is out there today, more accessible than ever in special thanks to all forms of social media. Anyone with a physique worth a damn can instantly connect to thousands of people with a single click of a button. By simply posting their “3 best crunch moves” workout video, they’ve influenced a following to do the same the next time they go to the gym, which can prove to be detrimental for many of these folks desperate enough to achieve such a physique. Or even worse, relieve acute or chronic pain.

It’s not just social media however. It also comes in the form of the latest health magazines promising you that you can lose 20 pounds of pure fat in as many days, supplement companies whose sole objective is to take your money without a shred of evidence that their product is even slightly effective, or even misinformed personal trainers! (Believe me, not all fitness “professionals” are built alike).

Even worse, I’m seeing just how many people (seemingly on a daily basis) eat that garbage up and deem it to be true. Newsflash: just because Dr. Oz was on Good Morning America and told you to try his newest 3-day juice cleanse, doesn’t mean you should do it!

There is no best case scenario here. If there were to be one, I guess it would be that misinformation can just be a huge time waster.

It’s often much worse than that.

Not seeing the results you were led to believe were inevitable if you just simply followed all of the steps that were laid out in front of you can be very discouraging. Negative body image, self-loathing and long break ups from the gym thereafter can easily follow. Or worse, maybe you hurt yourself doing your new routine, don’t know how to adjust or modify, and the mindset that “maybe I’m just not meant to workout at all” starts to set in.

It’s a vicious garbage cycle. How do I know? I see and fight against it every day!

Now of course, not all that’s out there is wrong or misinformed.

So I’ll stop being a Debbie Downer now. I did mention that I was encouraged. That is because I’ve seen firsthand that with the right individualized and progressive workout plan, proper nutrition counseling and steadfast coaching with accountability, people succeed. I’m very proud of what most of our clients at Spectrum have been able to accomplish over my short period of time working as a strength and nutrition coach there. It’s a very fulfilling career.

I will never say that I know it all, because I certainly don’t. You’re ignorant if you’re closed off to lifelong learning and I’ll never be afraid to admit when I’m wrong. It’s part of the process and part of growing up. I’m also not a scientist. I won’t be breaking any new ground on any new lab work or research that I have personally done. There is nothing that I will say on here that hasn’t already been said somewhere, at some point.

But I’ve been told that the best way to learn something is to be able to teach it effectively and I believe what makes any blog unique is that it has your own voice attached to it. This is how I anticipate this blog serving me in a big way.

More importantly, I sincerely hope it will serve as a good resource to anyone reading who might be feeling lost, confused and/or discouraged on their own personal journey en route to a stronger, healthier life.

Or maybe just as a resource for research-backed, bad ass information on anything fitness or nutrition related. That’s cool too.

In closing, I’ve always felt that I’m a better writer than with words in real time. When I have a chance to sit down, collect and analyze whatever information I’m gathering, organize my thoughts and put it down on paper, I’m a much more effective communicator. Whether the information you read in my future posts be new to you or just review, I hope I will be able to articulate it in a way that can be easily understood by everyone, not just an elite few. Sounding smart just to show off how much you know doesn’t help much, if at all.

I’m in the business of helping people.


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